WordPress Training

Many of our clients want to maintain their new WordPress site themselves after we finish designing and building it for them. Much of what is written about WordPress makes it sound extremely easy. Well, it is easier than hand coding a conventional web site but there is a lot they don’t tell you.

Many of our clients come back to us asking for help the first time they need to make any change. This, easier way to build and manage a website, does have a learning curve and you have to stay with it. You can’t come back every six months and hope to remember everything. If for no other reason, Word press, like all technology, is changing very rapidly and never stays still for long.

teachertech2We provide training for beginners and others to help them learn the Word press interface and understand how to perform routine tasks like changing out and sizing images and text. We also show them where to modify these elements and what parts of the back end of the Dashboard to always avoid until you really know what you’re doing.

We also are the go-to tech guys for most of our past clients. Sometimes it’s easier, and surely faster, to have someone who works with the technology everyday and stays current, to do it for you.

There is much to know about WordPress including there are no error messages for many problems. Searching out answers in the forums is often more confusing than helpful as some of the information is outdated and some just inaccurate. Learning WordPress is about practice and with that comes experience.

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